Classic Tribal Wars: Efreets

The efreet deck is a bit limited on creature selection. There are only so many efreet's in print. However the few that do exist are quite powerful. Old school favorites like the Serendib Efreet and Ydwen Efreet are quality undercosted beaters. The elusive Frenetic and Rainbow Efreet's are very difficult to get rid of because of their phasing abilities.

Efreets - Classic Tribal Wars


3 Echoing Truth
4 Fire/Ice
4 Prophetic Bolt
4 Force of Will


4 Frenetic Efreet
3 Rainbow Efreet
4 Ydwen Efreet
4 Serendib Efreet
4 Wildfire Emissary
1 Capricious Efreet


4 Scalding Tarn
3 Wooded Foothills
4 Volcanic Island
4 Steam Vents
1 Reflecting Pool
4 Ghitu Encampment
2 Mountain
1 Island
2 Wasteland

Backing up the creature selection are staples from the blue/red toolbox. Echoing truth is an excellent permanent removal choice that also has the added benefit of harming token decks by removing dupes from play. Fire/Ice is a great utility or removal spell. Force of Will provides protection against threats that we otherwise cannot deal with. Prophetic Bolt is a potent removal option that replaces itself and let's us search for necessary answers.

This deck can come out quick in the damage race and maintain that advantage with evasion. It has trouble dealing with large threats but with just enough tempo and reach can often finish off an opponent before major threats enter the battlefield.

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