Rules: GW on Allies rules change? We were just kidding.

So Yes the Truth Hurts has the story over here. The gist? Remember those changes GW posted on their website that we covered here? Well they didn't really mean it. Now we have on record that GW was just trying to offer the codices for free and doing so as a PDF does not invalidate the existing codices. That means allies are not officially removed from tournament play. At least as far as GW is concerned.

That's great by the way. We appreciate the clarification on this. That said what the hell were they thinking scrubbing the allies rules from the PDF in the first place? It was such a hatchet job and so poorly done I hope they think better about the next time they change something like that and understand how it can impact tournament play.

See GW we actually do pay attention to this stuff and when you do something like that with zero commentary and are completely inconsistent about it we are going to notice. We're also going to complain when you do something like this because we want a coherent and consistent rule-set.

It's good they basically decided against their initial stupid decision. What we have now is a clunky precedent where codex only trumps PDF if you own it. That's pretty sloppy but I suppose it's a cleaner ruling than how GW has approached these types of rulings in the past, and that is simply saying nothing at all.

For our tournaments we''ll be allowing allies unless INAT decides otherwise.

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