Rules: GW Nerfs the Daemon Hunters and Witch Hunters codices. We think. Grey Knights now carry walkie-talkies.

So there are a number of blog entries floating around that claim the Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunter codices have been nerfed. I guess GW has released PDF updates to the DH and WH codices under the cover of darkness with no explanation.

The gist? No more allies. We think. We're not exactly sure. It appears the Daemon Hunter codex was scrubbed of any mention of allies. The Witch Hunters codex? Partially scrubbed? There is still an allies sidebar but no mention of the rules in the text. I'm under the assumption these new releases (which are almost impossible to find on their website by the way) will indeed trump the print versions. Of course they are released with no fanfare and zero commentary from GW. They have been scrubbed with the same quality of a Steven Spielberg E.T. re-release. Grey Knights were an already borderline unplayable army. Now they lack allies, along with the decent inquisitor combo they had going for them. Walkie-talkies have replaced their nemesis force weapons.

Was this really necessary? Were grey knights and witch hunters really dominating the 'Ard Boyz tournament season? These codices are so antiquated and have been for so long now why change this rule now? Why not just wait until we can release a proper codex update and then give the entire army an overhaul.

How much fail do we have on GW's part when a PDF update to an existing pair of codices creates more questions than it answered? Where is the commentary on this from an official source?

More to come on this. Maybe.

Update 11:48 AM PST:

This from a thread over at Dakka:

1. French version is renumbered, and HAS the missing two pages.

2. Spanish version has the old page numbers, and is missing the two pages.

3. English, German and Italian versions have renumbered pages and are missing the two pages.

4. There is no Japanese version.

I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow, since today's GW news says that they'll talk more about today's "great" release.

So they aren't nerfed in France but are nerfed in other languages? Was this an intentional nerf or were they just releasing the PDF's because they are no longer available in stores? Was the intent only to nerf IG from taking allies but not from DH or WH inducting guard? Did they inadvertently nerf DH in the process?

When Wizards of the Coast bans a card in Magic: the Gathering we get a three page dissertation from the game designers explaining why the ban occurred along with tournament data to back it up. When GW makes a rules change we get a complete train wreck that has no clarification or consistency.


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