Rules: GW on the 'Ard Boyz finals, "you will be able to use allies."

So as we discussed yesterday in this post, GW re-released the Daemon Hunter and Witch Hunter codices in digital form and scrubbed a couple of pages from the codices containing the allies ruleset.

Since GW is a closed vault when it comes to actual useful information pertaining to the ruleset of 40k we can only speculate on what the hell they were thinking. Initial speculation was that this rules change was done to nerf IG and their nefarious usage of mystics, particularly for the 'Ard Boyz finals.

Does such a drastic rules change done in such a sloppy manner and abrupt way make sense? It does not, and is awarded no style points. That said one might sympathize with GW if they were somehow concerned that IG was running rampant all over 'Ard Boyz and dominating the tournament scene. An IG on IG finals in every region would be slap in the face to any perceived game balance.

So we ban allies because that somehow makes IG go from decent to overpowered? Not likely. That's actually a ludicrous assumption. That aside the idea is sound right? To balance the important upcoming highly publicized 'Ard boyz tournament right? A rule change at the 11th hour would make sense if they wanted that tournament to be affected right?


From GW:

Flag this messageDemonhunters and Witchhunters in the Ardboyz finalsThursday, June 24, 2010 8:44 AM From: "Brendan Bell" Add sender to ContactsTo: undisclosed-recipientsHello,

There have been a number of questions regarding Demonhunters and Witchhunters and allies for the 2010 40K Ard Boyz Finals. The Finals will use the printed rules that were used in the first two rounds; you will be able to use allies. Thanks, Brendan

So all of these changes were done under the cover of darkness at the 11th hour and with no explanation it wasn't even done for 'Ard Boyz?

Was this done to screw over casual table top gamers? To throw RTT circuit's into chaos? To give INAT FAQ another 5 pages of content?

These codices are deprecated anyway. If we don't make these rules changes to impact major tournaments then why bother? Just let the codex run it's course and abolish allies upon the next publication when you actually have a real writing and editing team.

This company is completely incoherent at times.

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