Building: Tyranid Monstrous Creatures

We had our paint/build night last evening and Shep was finishing up some conversions for his Tyranid's army. His initial inclination when building this army was to try and avoid using models that required conversions. GW didn't cooperate however. They decided that Tyranofexxes and Tervigons were going to be some of the best MC's in the codex. Thus the dillemma. Shep bought some carnifex boxes and went to work creating T-Fexes with Rupture cannons and then creating Tervigons from the same kit but using a liberal amount of green stuff.

Green stuff fills the gaps on this converted Tervigon and he uses part of Termagaunt to represent a hatching gaunt.

From 40k 5/26/2010

From 40k 5/26/2010

Below we see a Tyrannofex also from the Carnifex kit with a converted rupture cannon. Pretty straightforward.

From 40k 5/26/2010

I look forward to seeing these painted up and on the battlefield!

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