Batrep: Space Marines vs Space Marines (1500)

KevinNash and I got to couple of quick games of 40k in last weekend. We both have been playing the same armies for quite a while, KevinNash with his Orks, and I with my Imperial Guard "Renegades" or Chaos Space Marines. We both have been slowly building some Space Marines and wanted to start testing out our potential lists. While mirror matches are often not very exciting, yet Space Marines are so popular it is something that is bound to occur on a somewhat regular basis.

KevinNash was playing the list posted here.

I brought the following, extremely similar list.

The Lists

Ultramarines (1500)


Librarian (Null Zone, Avenger)


Terminator Assault Squad (THSS x5) w Land Raider Crusader (Extra Armor, Multi Melta)


Tactical Squad x10 (Flamer, Missile Launcher) w Rhino
Tactical Squad x10 (Flamer, Missile Launcher) w Rhino
5x Scouts (4x Snipers, 1x Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks)

Fast Attack

Land Speeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher)
Land Speeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher)

Heavy Support

Predator (Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons)
Predator (Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons)

So one can tell we have extremely similar lists.

We roll mission and deployment;

The Mission

Seize Ground - Pitched Battle

We roll for "initiative" and I win and choose to go first. This was a rare choice for me, since I usually like the ability to make a mad dash for objectives on the bottom of the turn on seize ground and capture and control, but I felt the ability to lay down some decent fire before KevinNash would gain me the advantage in this match up.


From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

I also got to place the first objective, before we rolled for who chose and place sides. I put one in the forest on the bottom left. KevinNash place one in the forest on the top right. Finally, I placed one in the "ancient" ruins, in the lower center.

I line up on the left side, putting the scouts and one combat squad of marines with missile launcher in the forest with the objective. Everything else has a fair spread, with intent of keeping my fire lanes open for the predators and the speeders.

KevinNash lines up across from me. Placing a combat squad with a missile launcher in the forest on his side with the objective. The other squads are stacked behind the predators, inside their Razorbacks.

Quick note of the models we used: As we are both slowly growing these lists and don't want to over buy, we are doing some counts as here in the pictures. For me, I am using Chaos Rhinos and Chaos Predators as my Rhinos and Predators, the weapons build out matches for the most part, so easy to recognize. I am also using a Space Marine Captain as a Librarian, since my Librarian is currently out getting painted by Hulksmash. The twin-linked bolters on the Rhinos count as storm bolters in this game. KevinNash decided to use his immolators, from his Withchunter army, to count as his Razorbacks, where the weapons count as Lascannon/TL Plasma Guns. Nothing major, but just something to keep in mind when looking at the pictures.

KevinNash tries to seize but fails. I go first.

Top of Turn 1

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

Note pictures represent state of field after both of our turns. This pattern follows for all turns.

LRC moves up 6", Speeders do some minor repositioning, Rhinos move up slightly, trying to not be too aggressive so they can avoid the charge from the enemy terminators.

After a lot of shooting, I only manage to destroy the autocannon on one of the predators and shake one of the razorbacks.

Bottom of Turn 1

KevinNash just repositions his Razorbacks and Predators slightly. He stands fast with his LRC, keeping cover for his Speeders.

KevinNash unloads and immobilizes one of my speeders, destroys all weapons from the other speeder, stuns one of the rhinos, and destroys one of lascannons on a predator.

Top of Turn 2

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

LRC moves up towards Predators and Terminators disembark, lining up for a multi-assault vs a Predator and a Razorback. The mobile, but weapon destroyed, Speeder moves onto the objective, mostly moving towards far objective to try to contest, but for now just blocking. Other Rhino moves up towards other object and also tries to block movement of enemy LRC, slightly.

Shooting immobilizes one of Nash's Speeders, Destroys a Razorback, and Destroys a Lascannon on a Razorback.

The Terminator assault wrecks a Predator and destroys the weapons on the Razorback and stuns it.

Bottom of Turn 2

Nash moves up his LRC and starts moving towards the center objective with the tactical marines that were in the destroyed razorback.

Nash's shooting face is lackluster, but manages to kill 4 Tac Marines in the Forest, leaving only the Missile Launcher, who makes his morale save. He also destroys the stormbolter on the rhino and immobilizes it.

Top of Turn 3

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

LRC presses into the Razorback line, making a risky move rolling over the wrecked predator, but makes it. The mobile speeder goes flat out towards the far enemy objective. My mobile rhino, moves up to support the other immobilized rhino and scouts.

Shooting proves fruitful as a lucky shot from the Predator Lascannons immobilize the enemy LRC. My immobile speeder gets a shot off at an enemy speeder and immobilizes it. More missiles destroy the weapon off another razorback.

The Terminators assault the Razorback again and destroy it, killing 2 of the marines inside.

Bottom of Turn 3

Nash's terminators disembark and move in to head towards contesting my objective. The other tac units move more towards the middle objective.

Nash's missile launcher on foot immobilizes the other speeder. Lots of other firing, but no results of significance. Bad rolls for Nash and good rolls for me.

The terminators are barely too far away to assault my scouts, so he is forced to assault the mobile rhino. He destroys it and the combat squad inside gives them dirty looks.

Top of Turn 4

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

So I have my terminators heading towards Nash's far objective. I turn and move my LRC into the ancient ruins to contest. Another dangerous roll, but I make it.

I see Nash's terminators about ready to contest my objective, so I go for broke. If I can kill enough terminators I can win. Fate is with me and with everything I have I kill 4 terminators. I think its OK, since he only has the librarian and a single TH/SS terminator that I can kill in Turn 5, after he hurts me a little with them. However, Nash rolls Boxcars on morale and they high tail it. The other Rhino is within 6" and no regroup.

Bottom of Turn 4

Nash is about ready to concede, since it is looking bleak, but he presses on for the sake of the battle report. He moves his far missile squad to avoid the charge from the Terminators next turn. He does some minor movement, but knows he cant crack open the LRC with his troops and all his big guns, except the multi-melta on the LRC is dead.

Nash shoots the LRC MM at my LRC and does nothing. He shoots what he can at my troops on my objective to hopefully force some sort of run, kills a few, but not enough.

Top of Turn 5

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

From Batrep 6_12_2010 SM v SM

I move my terminators to contest the far objective. I do some minor shooting and repositioning to secure the win.

I shoot a little more and thin out his troops.

Bottom of Turn 5

Nash knows he's done unless the game goes long, but even then its uphill. He plays what he can though and makes sure he can score the middle if he manages to kill the LRC. He shoots more at my troops but there are just too many, 3 units nearby and he is unable to contest.

We roll for game end, 2, and it ends.

AbsoluteBlue wins 1-0.

This game was a learning experience for both KevinNash and I. While we have both played against Space Marines several times, we have rarely played with them. We both made some mistakes, but we both had a lot of fun.

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