Classic Tribal Wars: Djinns

Djinn are another set of genies in the M:TG universe that initially had a big presence in Arabian Nights and have seen some limited support since then. They have decent support as a creature type but suffer from being lumbering in terms of overall casting cost. This is not an insurmountable problem. This deck plays like a control deck with a significant amount of land. It looks to curb threats early on and then take over the game late.

Thoughtseize is used here to keep this deck in the game early. It can take out early threats, removal that my opponent will use or to protect our Nevinyrall's disk before we get a chance to use it.


4 Agony Warp
2 Loxodon Warhammer
3 Nevinyrall's Disk
3 Thoughtseize


4 Fledgling Djinn
4 Old Man of the Sea
4 Juzam Djinn
4 Djinn of Wishes
4 Mahomotti Djinn


4 Polluted Delta
4 Watery Grave
4 Underground Sea
4 Creeping Tar Pit
1 Diamond Valley
2 Wasteland
1 Reflecting Pool
4 Swamp
4 Island

For our creature base we have a host of Djinn's at our disposal. Fledling Djinn and it's elder brother Juzaam are cheap efficient beaters. Djinn of Wishes and Mahomotti fill up the top of the curve. Old Man of the Sea was ret-conned to be a Djinn and this deck takes advantage of that as it fits nicely into the 3 slot of the curve. We have some tricks we can use with his ability: Combat tricks with Agony Warp are something we can pull off if we desire; like stealing a more powerful creature and then feeding it to our diamond valley, or stealing an enemy blocker and feeding it to an incoming attacker. An equipped Loxodon Warhammer can also let us grab something more substantial, or we can just beat face with it and recoup any life lost from the dark djinn's in our employ.

If you can stay alive early the massive genies can take over the game. A resolved Djinn of wishes with mana to spare can wreak havoc on an opponent. Using the ability to dump expensive attackers into play, even during an opponents turn can overwhelm an them quickly.

Genies are potent creatures. This deck lets us maximize their abilities and exploits them for our amusement!

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