Army: What I would have taken to the ConQuest GT

So the conquest GT kicks off this weekend to zero fanfare. What was supposed to be a 5 round GT over 2 days at a posh upscale hotel became a 4 round event over the course of one day at some recreation hall.

No air conditioning aside, this was a disaster in planning of the greatest magnitude. They didn't like the light turnout for the event so their response is to shave a day from the event and change the venue to cut costs.

Stay classy guys. Your brand is shot. I recommend disbanding your little gaming club and starting over without telling anyone.

Obviously I don't have a problem with 4 rounds of gaming in a day. But this thing is a 2,000 point tourney. The rounds are 2 and a half hours. That's over 10 hours of continuous 40k on a Saturday. I guess I'm just not hardcore enough. I consider that schedule to be masochistic. I've decided to just not bother.

I'm local mind you, so I may stop by and snap some photos in the early rounds. That's about it. I have zero interest in playing in this event, golden ticket be damned.

For those who are playing. Even if only 10 people end up showing you'll certainly earn your ticket. It will be grueling to be sure. Godspeed.

So here's the list I painted up and won't be playing for this tournament.

Mech Orks - 2000


Big Mek (Kustom Force Field)
Ghazghull Thraka


Nobz x 3 (Combi-Skorcha x3) w Battlewagon (Red Paint, Deffrolla, Big Shoota, Armor Plates)
Boyz x 19 (Shootas) w Nob (Power Klaw, Bosspole)
Boyz x 19 (Shootas) w Nob (Power Klaw, Bosspole)
Boyz x 30 (Shootas, Big Shoota x3) w Nob (Power Klaw, Bosspole)
Gretchin x10

Heavy Support

Battlewagon (Red Paint, Deffrolla, Big Shoota, Armor Plates)
Battlewagon (Red Paint, Deffrolla, Big Shoota, Armor Plates)
Kannonz x 3 (Ammo Runt x 3) Extra Crew x1

Fast Attack

Warbuggy x2 (TL Rockitt x2)
Warbuggy x2 (TL Rockitt x2)
Warbuggy x2 (TL Rockitt x2)


Loota x14
Loota x5
Loota x5

What makes this different from my previous mech ork lists is that I've opted to dump the 4th wagon for additional shooting and I've upped the loota count for more anti-tank. I think at 2,000 points Orks need to respect the glass cannon armies and the only way to do that is to match their shooting as best you can. You aren't going to outshoot guard or Tau, but if you can make them deal with enough threats in your backfield your wagons can run them over. If they focus on the wagons you'll simply shoot them to death.

I've dumped the deathstar nobz for a unit that's far less threatening. My 6-7 man units just weren't doing what I needed them to. They would stomp on MC's well but never matched up to the Thunder Hammer terminators that they were designed to beat. This small unit can still hurt an enemy troop and the skorcha's can flambe a horde unit if needed. Ghazghkull is in this list and can tie up a deathstar if necessary. We also get the 6" waagh which I think is important.

To stay troop relevant I'm using a 30 man boy unit on the ground. It will run to the center of the table and camp objectives. If they shell it I go to ground. If they don't respect it they get assaulted.

I'm pleased with this list. A pity I won't be playing it this weekend. Perhaps I'll log some games with it in the near future.

2 Response to "Army: What I would have taken to the ConQuest GT"

  1. Grizzled Gorilla June 25, 2010 at 10:40 PM
    Normally, I am not one to bash people or organizations on the web, but if you take this event and add in the fiasco that was the Vegas event, that is two large failures in a row. I do not know nothing about the organization running the event, but more needs to be done to promote these events. Ever since their Seattle event, the turnout for these events has been non-existent due to horrible advertising and promotion.
    The one good thing about the event is the fact that the pool of players is small so you should have a good chance of getting a golden ticket, even with the talent level that is still attending.
  2. Kevin Nash June 25, 2010 at 10:54 PM
    The sad thing is that their reputation is now hurting their ability to promote events. Their past history impacted their ability to sell tickets, which led a to the cancellation of a day causing additional refunds. Their next attempt at a GT is dead in the water.

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