MTGO: You've Got To Know When To Fold 'Em...

I have found myself at a crossroads. My first daily with my Mimic Vat Lifegain deck seemed extremely promising but I had to drop out with a 2-0 record due to personal issues that came up. I then joined a few 2-Man Constructed tournaments and have found myself in a funk of consecutive losses. A 2nd Daily resulted in a 0-2 drop.

At this point, I've reached the 50-ticket limit I had set for myself to try out rogue deck ideas and I feel like I am either expecting too much from this deck, or just need to find the right tweak to make it really competitive.

The only problem is that the 2nd option will require of course more tickets invested and if the reality of the situation is the first option, and I am trying to make a Tier 2 deck perform to the level of a Tier 1 deck, it will ultimately lead to more tickets lost in a hopeless effort.

I guess I am wondering, when do you decide to 'give up' on a deck? At what point do you stop tweaking and move on to another deck? I know this would be easy if the deck performed horribly. The problem is that when it works, it works really well. Amazingly I have had turn 4 kills with this deck, something I hadn't even considered possible. But I have been having consistent issues with Primeval Valakut decks and they seem to be gaining in popularity.


If it wasn't such a huge investment, I would simply go with my original plan of creating my own version of existing Tier 1 decks, specifically a Primeval Valakut deck. But when Primeval is going for ~30 tickets last time I checked, and me needing a full playset of 4, that is a HUGE investment for what may be yesterday's news before I can recoup the cost. Not to mention I would likely need Lotus Cobras which have been in the ~20 ticket range lately. That's 200 tickets for 8 cards. It just pains me too much to do that when I feel like I could make a viable rogue deck at a fraction of the cost!

What to do, what to do...

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  1. Loquacious December 1, 2010 at 8:15 PM
    I dunno... I buy cards in dribbles (I bought my first single from a binder recently) and hope for the best.

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