Painting: Sprue Posse Grand Prix Appearance/Painting Rubric

A significant portion of our Grand Prix prize pool will be given to the painting and appearance competition as outlined here.

Below is the rubric we will be using for paint scoring. This was lifted from the GW championship GT in 2008.

Only armies participants have painted themselves are valid for entry in the paint/appearance competition. Armies that have won previous Sprue Posse paint/appearance awards are ineligible.


PAINTING (worth up to 35 points)

Choose one of the following

• Army is fully painted, but only to the three-color standard of
basecoating. 10 Points

• Army is beyond fully painted, additional steps beyond the
three-color standard. 15 Points

Check All That Apply to Bulk (80%+) of Army

• Painting is Uniform: Not a mix of schemes,
styles, and looks. 1 Point
• Clean Basecoat Colors: Base colors are
painted neatly. 1 Point
• Details: Details are painted such as eyes,
buckles, and jewelry. 1 Point
• Clean Details: Details are painted well
(clean, have highlights). 2 Points
• Hand-Painted Details: Details (that are well executed) have
been added such as unit markings, banner artwork, blood
marks, dirt on cloaks, etc. 2 Points
• Artistic: Banners, markings, and details are hand
painted to an incredible degree! 2 Points
• Discernable Highlights/Shading: Drybrushing, lining, shading,
inking, etc. (not required to be clean) 1 Point
• Clean Highlights: Lines are neat, drybrushing is appropriate,
inking is controlled and not sloppy. 2 Points
• Layers of Highlights: More than one layer of
highlight, which may include shading, highlights
over inking, blending, etc. 2 Points
• Beyond Basics: Highlights have been blended, shaded, or
layered well – beyond the basic highlighting techniques of
drybrusing and inking. 2 Points
• Masterful Blending: Highlights have been masterfully blended,
shaded, or layered. 2 Points
• Overall Appearance: Overall appearance is amazing!
Everything works great together to create an
awesome scene. 2 Points

BASING(worth up to 5 points)

Check all that apply to bulk (80%+) of army

• Based/Detailed: Bases have basing materials
(flock/sand/tiles) or details painted on them. 1 Point
• Extra Basing: The bases have multiple basing materials
(rocks/grass), extra details painted on them (cracks in tiles), or
if extra basing is inappropriate, basing is done very well (eg.
rolling desert dunes). 1 Point
• Highlights: Bases have highlighting
(shading/drybrushing). 1 Point
• Special details: There are extra details on the larger bases
(helmets, skulls, animals, building rubble, etc.) 2 Point
CONVERSIONS(Worth up to 4 points)
Choose qne of the following for conversions that are
appropriate and well executed.
• Minimal: The army has some elementary conversions
(head and weapon swaps, arm rotations) or a couple
interesting swaps. 1 Point
• Minor: Units have multi-kit conversions including head
and weapon swaps. This is for more than a few models
such as a unit. 2 Points
• Major: The army has some difficult conversions that use
things such as putty, plastic card, drilling, sawing, minor
sculpts, etc. This could also apply to the entire army having
very well done multi-kit conversions (see above) 3 Points
• Extreme: The army has some extreme conversions, which
could be: a scratch built conversion or sculpt of an entire
model, a large amount of models with difficult conversions (see
above), or the entire army is extremely converted 4 Points

OTHER(worth up to 2 points)

Check all that apply to the army

• Display Base: Basic based & highlighted or
detailed display base. 1 Point
• Something Special: There is something above and beyond
about a model’s painting, the display base, a conversion, or the
basing (eg. movement trays are based/highlighted). 1 Point

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