Playing: Sprue Posse Grand Prix Prizes

The prize formula for the Sprue Posse Grand Prix is now official:

Sprue Posse Awards - Based on the official tournament prize pool (Portion of Ticket Fees + GW Donations + 3rd Party Donations)


1st Place - 35%
2nd Place - 15%
3rd Place - 10%
4th Place - 7.5%


1st Place - 25%
2nd Place - 7.5%

3rd Party Awards - Based on a separate prize pool (3rd party donations only)

Best Sportsman
Renaissance Man (Sportsmanship + Painting + Generalship)

The actual full prize value of both prize pools is still TBD. One of those variables is pegged to participant turnout and additional sponsorship opportunities but the amount should be in the neighborhood of at least $500 worth of store credit/product with a cap of around $1000.

The Sportsmanship award is provided by a third party benefactor and is a player rated score. You will rank your 5 opponents with a score of 1-5 at the end of the tournament. 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. You cannot allocate the same score twice.

The Renaissance Man award is equal parts generalship, painting and sportsmanship.

Players are eligible to win as many awards as they qualify for. Sweeping Generalship, Painting, Sportsmanship and Renaissance awards is a possibility.

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