Playing: Sprue Posse Invitational Participant List and First Round Pairings

Below is our RSVP'd list of Sprue Posse Invitational participants and their seeds:

Rank Name Rating Tourney Wins Points

1 Regul, Jon 1630 1 7.0
2 Shepard, Ryan 1625 1 10.0
3 Townsend, Brad 1625 1 8.5
4 Burdine, Patrick 1625 9.5
5 Alvarez, Sergio 1620 1 5.5
6 Northover, Mike 1620 7.5
7 Joos, Levi 1610 1 6.5
8 Pait, Robert 1610 7.0

The above is the player's seed, their ELO rating, the number of tourney victories this season at the Sprue Posse open circuit and their total battle points for the season. Battle points are awarded 1 point for a win, half point for a tie and zero points for a loss.

In seeded Swiss pairings the top player of the top bracket plays the top player of the bottom. This is done to give the top ranked player the best potential strength of schedule.

That means the first round pairings will be as follows:

Regul vs. Alvarez
Shepard vs. Northover
Townsend vs. Joos
Burdine vs. Pait

I'll start putting up player profiles of each of the competitors this month leading up to the main event. Let the speculation begin!

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