MTGO: Back To Formula!?!?

For the low low price of 6 tickets, I have been reminded once again that I am NOT the master deck builder that I seem to think I am :) And that when playtesting in the Casual > Tournament Practice room (which I will now refer to as the TP room), I should note that Tournament Practice is considered a subdivision of 'Casual'. That is to say, what wins in the TP room should not be considered a 'winning formula' :)

So, back I go to devising a deck. I will not yet succumb to 'net decking' yet. I think I will set a limit of ~50 tickets to trying to come up with a viable Rogue deck. That allows for 5 daily tournaments and 20 tickets for card purchases. And that is starting from today, so this won't include the 9 tickets I used for the previous deck's cards, and the 6 tickets for the daily last night.

As for my next deck idea, I still want to try and build something that uses Liquimetal Coating + Mimic Vat. I think it's a highly potent combo that can allow for repeated abuse of metalcraft and versatile permanent destruction. The only question is what I should do about the other 52 cards.

It was pretty clear from my performance in the Standard Daily last night (which I'll do a write-up for later, hopefully with video) that my deck is flawed. It was obvious that lack of playtesting against Blue-Green-(White|Red) with Frost Titan was a factor as I didn't realize just how easily I was shut down. Unless I could pull one of my 4 Coatings, I had no way to get rid of the Titan. And way too often the Coating that I had managed to successfully draw and cast was simply destroyed the following turn.

I need to make the focus less on making the Coating some kind of 'killer' card, and instead make it a support card for more viable and versatile strategies. So far, the ones I'm thinking of have shifted me entirely out of red but I am going to spend a bit more time just reviewing available cards and seeing what other synergies I can find.

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  1. Loquacious November 18, 2010 at 4:59 PM
    It's possible to play non-netlists and win- some of our best players locally do the "cool/interesting" decks to the extreme and come out as winners. Keep plugging- and give your deck about 10 tries before declaring it bunk. I've found a 10 game run will tell you if your deck stalls on land or dudes/bombs pretty effectively.

    While it isn't draft, do you use the BREAD deck building tactic at all?
  2. Jensyth November 20, 2010 at 8:34 AM
    Thanks again for the comment Loquacious. I do use BREAD when drafting (or at least try to) and definitely TRY to cover the R and E when building for constructed, but it's not in any way an active decision to aim towards BREAD. That probably has to do with the fact that I can never remember what the A and D is for ;)

    As for keeping at it, I definitely am not giving up on the deck, but I do believe that the issues I had in the Daily show actual weaknesses in the deck, whether that is in concept or execution though is my current dilemma :)

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