Playing: Starting Up Chaos Daemons

With 2500 points of Chaos Space Marines and 2500 points of "Renegade" Imperial Guard painted, I have decided it's time to expand the Chaos fleet to now include Chaos Daemons. I have slowly been collecting various pieces of the Army, but I haven't really put together a good list. I have about 1500 points of Chaos Daemons built, and before I go and spend more money, I decided to work with what I have and paint up the 1500 points.

As a result, I will be able to field the following 1500 point list:


Great Unclean One (Breath of Chaos)
Herald of Khorne (Chariot of Khorne, Unholy Might, Fury of Khorne)


5x Bloodcrushers (Fury of Khorne, Instrument of Chaos, Chaos Icon)


8x Bloodletters (Fury of Khorne, Instrument of Chaos, Chaos Icon)
8x Bloodletters (Fury of Khorne, Instrument of Chaos)
8x Bloodletters (Fury of Khorne, Instrument of Chaos)

Fast Attack

6x Flesh Hounds of Khorne (Fury of Khorne, Karanak)

Heavy Support

Soulgrinder (Tongue, Phlegm)
Soulgrinder (Tongue, Phlegm)

Not at ideal list, but I still think it will give some of my friends list a run for their money. What I would like to do is change one of the Bloodletter units to Plaguebearers. I feel this would help the durability of the list.

This army also includes my first major model conversion. This was scary for me, because I took two expensive models at turned it into one. As you can see from the above pictures, I took a Soulgrinder and a Khorne Blood Slaughterer, from Forgeworld, hacked them a part and glue them back together. Fortunately, I was very happy with the results.

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  1. Brent May 17, 2010 at 10:35 AM
    Are you looking at a fluffy list or a competitive one? I'm not trying to knock your army, but there are some improvements that would make it much harder. The only one I have to mention is the biggest problem, the Herald of Khorne on a Chariot. He's very, very slow. Better would be a Herald on a Jugger; he's the same speed as your troops and can join them, so you can hide him there to give him some protection.

    That said, I LOVE that Soul Grinder - man, that's cool.

  2. AbsoluteBlue May 17, 2010 at 1:11 PM
    @Brent - Thanks! I was thinking I should probably go with the Herald on Juggernaut too. I might change it up by the time I get to painting that model, this is just the part where I spent time converting up a Chariot and want to field it, but I think you're right that switching to a Herald on Juggernaut would make it more competitive.

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