Batrep: Orks vs. Chaos Space Marines 5/1

Orks v CSM - 5/1

Mission: 1500 points, Capture and Control, Spearhead



Warboss (Powerklaw, Cybork)
Big Mek (Kustom Force Field, Cybork)


5 Lootas
5 Lootas
5 Lootas


18 Shoota Boyz + Nob (Powerklaw, Bosspole)
18 Shoota Boyz + Nob (Powerklaw, Bosspole)
6 Nobz (Cybork) w Painboy (2 Powerklaw, Heavy Armor, Bosspole, 2 Ammo Runt) with Trukk (Red Paint, Reinforced Ram)
10 Gretchin + Runtherd

Fast Attack

1 Warbuggy (Twin Linked Rockitts)
2 Warbuggies (Twin Linked Rockitts)
2 Warbuggies (Twin Linked Rockitts)

Heavy Support

1 Battlewagon (Red Paint, Boarding Plank, Deffrolla, Big Shoota)
1 Battlewagon (Red Paint, Boarding Plank, Deffrolla, Big Shoota)

Chaos Space Marines:


Chaos Sorcerer (Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission, Personal Icon, Wings)


5 Chosen (5x Melta, 5x Meltabombs, Rhino)


10 Chaos Space Marines (Aspiring Champion, Powerfist, 2x Melta, Rhino)
8 Noise Marines (7 Soundblasters, 1 Blastmaster, Rhino)
5 Khorne Berzerkers (Skull Champion, Powerfist, Personal Icon, Rhino)

Heavy Support

2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators


We both deployed our objectives on the far corners of the board.

Ork Deployment a - 5/1
Ork Deployment, everything except for the gretchin are deployed on the board.

CSM Deployment - 5/1
Chaos Space Marine Deployment, Noise Marines with Lash Prince and the Chaos Space Marine squad are deploy on the table. Three squads of 2 Obliterators, the Berzerkers, and the Chosen (not outflanking) are all deployed in reserve.

Turn 1 - Orks

Ork Turn 1 - 5/1
Orks move towards Chaos objective.

Turn 1 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 1 - 5/1
Noise Marines shoot their Blastmaster at the side of a Battlewagon, but miss.

Turn 2 - Orks

Ork Turn 2a - 5/1

Ork Turn 2b - 5/1
Orks move up some more.

Ork Turn 2c - 5/1
Lootas reposition, expecting Chaos Space Marine reserves to start showing up.

Ork Turn 2d - 5/1
Gretchin arrive from reserve and "protect" the Ork objective.

Turn 2 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 2a - 5/1
Berzerkers arrive from reserve and move up the right side of the board.

CSM Turn 2c - 5/1
Obliterators (a) and (c) arrive from reserve and destroy a Battlewagon.

CSM Turn 2d - 5/1
Obliterators (b) destroy he Nob truck, which Kerrangs into them.

CSM Turn 2e - 5/1
Noise Marines shoot at the Lootas killing 2 and they start to run away, but regroup on turn 3.

Turn 3 - Orks

Orks Turn 3a - 5/1
Buggies kill an Obliterator (a).

Orks Turn 3b - 5/1
Lootas shoot at Obliterators (c), but to no effect.

Orks Turn 3d - 5/1
Ork Boyz from destroyed Battlewagon run towards Chaos objective.

Orks Turn 3c - 5/1
Buggies stun a Rhino.

Orks Turn 3e - 5/1
Nobz destroy Obliterators (b).

Turn 3 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 3a - 5/1

CSM Turn 3b - 5/1
Noise Marines and Lash Sorc fire at the Boyz on the ground, thinning them out a bit and lashing them back 7". (Yes, I know the Lash Sorc has a jump pack modeled, but I will soon fix that to be Wings)

CSM Turn 3c - 5/1
The Chosen arrive and unload on the Battlewagon... 3 hits, and KFF saves the rest... no effect.

CSM Turn 3e - 5/1
Both of the remaining Obliterator units also shoot at the rear of the Battlewagon, and finally stun the vehicle.

CSM Turn 3g - 5/1
Berzerkers move up more and pop smoke.

Turn 4 - Orks

Orks Turn 4a - 5/1
Lootas shoot at Berzerker Rhino and stun it.

Orks Turn 4b - 5/1
Ork Boyz and Big Mek unload and assault Chosen, killing them all.

Orks Turn 4c - 5/1
Buggies shoot at Noise Marines, but only kill 1.

Orks Turn 4d - 5/1
Ork Boyz try to move forward again.

Orks Turn 4e - 5/1
Nobz start running back towards their own objective, sensing the threat the Berzerkers bring to the poor Gretchin.

Turn 4 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 4a - 5/1
Berzerkers get out and start running towards Ork objective. Rhino tries to fix itself, but fails (and fails for rest of game).

CSM Turn 4b - 5/1
Obliterators move up and flame the Lootas killing all of one unit and 2 from another.

CSM Turn 4d - 5/1
Other Obliterator moves up and destroys the Battlewagon.

CSM Turn 4f - 5/1
Noise Marines and Lash Sorc thin out Orks and push them back again.

CSM Turn 4c - 5/1
Chaos Space Marines move up and melta 1 buggy.

Turn 5 - Orks

Orks Turn 5a - 5/1
Ork Boyz move up and shoot Noise Marines to no effect.

Orks Turn 5d - 5/1
Other Ork Boyz run towards Chaos objective.

Orks Turn 5c - 5/1
Nobz continue to run towards their own objective. Lootas and Buggies shoot at the Berzerkers killing 2, leaving 3 alive.

Turn 5 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 5a - 5/1
Berzerkers continue to run.

CSM Turn 5d - 5/1
One unit of Boyz gets destroyed by Chaos Space Marines, other unit is pushed back by Lash Sorcerer. Elsewhere, Obliterator kill more buggies.

Game continues to turn 6, currently we both only control our own objectives.

Turn 6 - Orks

Orks Turn 6a - 5/1
Orks Boyz try to make a path by clearing up the Rhinos, but fail. Rhinos are only stunned.

Orks Turn 6b - 5/1
Nobz almost make it back home, but looks like if game ends on Turn 6, Chaos will win.

Turn 6 - Chaos Space Marines

CSM Turn 6a - 5/1
Lash Sorc jumps to group up with the Chaos Space Marines and with them destroys the last of the Boyz.

Berzerkers move up and destroy the Gretchin and capture the Ork objective.

If game ends, Chaos Wins! Unfortunately, we roll and game continues.

Turn 7 - Orks...

Orks Turn 7a - 5/1
After a epic run across the board, the Nobz manage to get back to their own objective and save it from the Berzerkers.

Neither of us have any more units close to contesting or scoring the others objectives, so we call the game without playing the last Chaos Space Marine turn and it is a Draw!

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  1. Grizzled Gorilla May 3, 2010 at 4:06 PM
    Excellent Battle Report.
    I am extremely jealous of the painted armies and terrain.
    So, is this Chaos for the tie???
  2. AbsoluteBlue May 3, 2010 at 4:54 PM
    Thanks. Slowly working on more terrain and painting more Chaos models. Chaos Wins!, but err, umm... yeah.. Chaos just .. hmm .. Shh ;)

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