Army: Space Marines for 'Ard Boyz

Here is a vanilla Space Marines list I've been thinking about for 'Ard Boyz:

Space Marines (2500)


Forgefather Vulkan He'stan
Librarian (Null Zone, Avenger)


Tactical Squad x 10 (Multi-Melta, Flamer) w Drop Pod
Tactical Squad x 10 (Multi-Melta, Flamer) w Drop Pod
Tactical Squad x 10 (Multi-Melta, Flamer) w Drop Pod


Assault Terminators x 5 (THSS) w Land Raider Crusader (Multi-Melta, Extra Armor)
Assault Terminators x 5 (THSS)
Ironclad Dreadnaught (Heavy Flamer) w Drop Pod

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader (Multi Melta, Extra Armor)
Predator (Auto Cannon, HB Sponsons)
Predator (Auto Cannon, HB Sponsons)

Fast Attack

Attack Bikes x 2 (Multi Melta)
Attack Bikes x 2 (Multi Melta)
Attack Bikes x 2 (Multi Melta)

This list seeks to exploit Vulkan's ability of Twin linking all meltas and flamer and making all thunder hammers master crafted. The best way to do that of course is to take as many of those weapon upgrades as possible.

That's 10 Thunderhammers, 11 Multi-Meltas and 4 Flamers (1 Heavy). This list seeks to maximize multi-melta coverage and get in your opponents' face with Drop Pod assaults, Land Raiders closing across the table and bikes hiding behind said raiders until the need to get shots off. Dakka Predators provide fire support from turn 1.

This list also aims to be as resilient as possible. There is no typical turkey shoot for your opponent here. No AV 11 Rhino's trying to get across the table. Either he has to deal with AV 13/14 vehicles or deal with drop pod payloads that are already in his face. This list can frustrate enemies with auto-cannon or missile spam. They'll have a lot of "fun" dealing with a bunch of vehicles they can't reliably kill with anything from long range.

This list combines the strongest HQ's in the vanilla space marine codex with some of the strongest units (THSS Terminators) and then beefs it up with an enormous amount of highly accurate twin linked vehicle kill. A potent combination for 'Ard boyz.

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