Playing: Sprue Posse Grand Prix Participant List

The Sprue Posse Grand Prix participant list is below. Note we do have a single slot available. If you would like to play in this tournament you can click the "buy now" button in the upper right hand corner of this blog and purchase a 25 dollar ticket using paypal. First come first serve. Once someone has purchased the final ticket I'll be removing the buy now button and locking the below list.

Participants are rated based on past Sprue Posse tournament performances or other tournaments we have sanctioned. Pairings for the Grand Prix are all randomized in the first round and then we use rated Swiss for subsequent rounds. Note the K value for the Grand Prix is significantly higher than our standard RTT's. This tournament is a K value of 40.

Last Name First Name Rating

Alessi Christian 1610
Brown Kevin 1600
Burdine Patrick 1625
Card Nicholas 1600
Carrigan Todd 1590
Fay Dave 1600
Gati Adam 1600
Giampapa Franklin 1600
Gibbs-Forrester Justin 1600
Haussman Shawn 1585
Hermann John 1600
Hernandez Allan 1600
Horn Lee 1600
Mann John 1605
Morris Chris 1600
Northover Mike 1620
Page Derek 1600
Pait Robert 1620
Regul Jon 1620
Robbins Reece 1639
Shepard Ryan 1625
Smith Steve 1576
Trovato William 1600
Warren Earth 1600

The above list is subject to change.

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