Painting: Ultramarines Painted by Hulksmash Studios

Since the Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) set was released, I have managed to collect about three sets worth of AoBR Space Marines, as a result of helping friends get the Deffkoptas they wanted for their Ork armies. However, I consider myself a Chaos fan, since Chaos Wins after all, and was not really interested in painting the miniatures myself. I was also not too interested in investing a lot of money into the paint job for these models, since I want to focus any significant money I spend on Chaos!

This led me to look around the internet for convenient and affordable miniature painting. As a result, I found Hulksmash Studios. I initially learned about Hulksmash on and the local tournament scene. Then, during my search for painting services, I learned he offered such. After looking at his prices, and with the added bonus that he is within driving distance from where I live (saves on shipping costs), I decided to give him a try.

I had already built the models, so all that was left was for him to paint them.

For the price, this was a great deal. As a result, I have already given him more Ultramarines to paint.

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