Army: Orks at 1500

For our current 1500 point tournament scene I've been toying around with this Ork list and hope to take it through some play-testing sessions.


Warboss (Powerklaw, Cybork)
Big Mek (Kustom Force Field, Cybork)


18 Shoota Boyz + Nob (Powerklaw, Bosspole)
18 Shoota Boyz + Nob (Powerklaw, Bosspole)
6 Nobz (Cybork) w Painboy (2 Powerklaw, Heavy Armor, Bosspole, 2 Ammo Runt) with Trukk (Red Paint, Reinforced Ram)
10 Gretchin + Runtherd

Fast Attack

1 Deffkopta (Twin Linked Rockitt, Buzzsaw)
1 Deffkopta (Twin Linked Rockitt, Buzzsaw)
3 Warbuggies (Twin Linked Rockitts)

Heavy Support

1 Battlewagon (Red Paint, Boarding Plank, Deffrolla, Big Shoota)
1 Battlewagon (Red Paint, Boarding Plank, Deffrolla, Big Shoota)


5 Lootas
5 Lootas

This list has almost all the most powerful units in the Ork codex: Lootas, Deffrolla Wagons, Kustom Force Field Mek, and Nobz. It's a potent mix of close combat power, mid range shooting and long range fire support.

Orks struggle to deal with AV 13 and AV 14 vehicles. Deffkoptas can help balance that by assaulting the more vulnerable rear armor of targets like Leman Russ or Predators.

Shoota boyz are a potent force when camped in the back of a battlewagon. They have a solid shooting platform to unload their shootas from and have the option of pumping 30+ shoota rounds into an enemy from the safety of the wagon, or debarking and charging following their firing.

I find Nobz to be a valuable troop to deal with enemy death star units. The cybork body combined with feel no pain provided by the pain boy is a resilient combination. The double power klaws in the unit (a 3rd if joined by the Warboss) can lay waste to a large number of enemy HQ's, Monstrous Creatures, or other heavily armored enemy units.

Trukks are fragile but can find cover behind the larger battlewagons. They are an inexpensive way of getting nobz across the table.

The Lootas, Deffkoptas and Warbuggies provide the necessary fire support for this list, enabling the rest of the army to get where it needs to go in one piece. Lootas can stun or shoot dead most heavy artillery on the enemies side of the table starting on turn one. Buggies can maneuver and achieve a similar result. Deffkoptas can scout or outflank to assault enemy vehicles where their armor is weakest. They are the kamikaze fighters of the ork codex and rarely leave enemy vehicles, or themselves, standing.

Lootas provide vital fire support to obliterate enemy vehicle kill from a distance giving the deffrolla wagons and their payload of boyz the opportunity to close the gap.

The deffrolla wagons are both a shooting platform for the boyz and a devastating ramming attack to level enemy vehicles. Once close they can pummel almost anything with great effect and even crush mighty Monolith's or Land Raider's dead under the weight of their deffrollas.

Finally the KFF Mek is a common combination with the vehicles it protects. Since the force field provides obscurement for anything with 6" a savvy general can give almost his entire army a 4+ cover save so long as he stays on the table.

The Kustom Force Field Mek is always happy to provide 4+ cover to nearby vehicles.

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