Dark Eldar show their faces; Don't look stupid.

GW finally has revealed what we've been waiting for. A fine looking Dark Eldar model collection.

Is this a competitive Xenos army? I have no idea since I only get to see the illustrated cover of the codex.

But I do see a fine looking model selection here. Those Raider's are a major improvement on the older versions see here. I also see some cool looking infantry, some detailed HQ choices and some fine looking reavers.

Are Dark Eldar going the way of Orks, Tyranids or are they actually going to be tier 1? I heard all the raiders get a 5+ invulnerable save. I like that already.

God forbid GW makes a viable Xenos army these days. We'll see if Phil Kelly comes through for us with the Codex spoilers in the coming weeks.

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