Army: Thinking About Orks

I have recently been considering starting an Ork army. I started before the FAQ update regarding the use of Deff Rollas, and was initially considering a heavy bike list. I have had the fortune of obtaining some Biker Nobz and had a friend paint them up. However, I knew this list was more of a novelty list and not really a consistently competitive list and wanted to fill it out with Lootas, Wagons, and more, but the new FAQ sort of forced me to change my line of thinking. I have been asking myself, how do I create a fun, story driven, competitive Speed Freak army?

My initial thoughts center around 3 Battlewagons with Deff Rollas, Red Paint Job, Boarding Planks, and Grabba Klaws. With Wazdakka and a KFF Big Mek as part of that core. The rest would be filled out with Lootas, Bikes, Boyz, and I might try to wedge in a small Nob Biker squad.

Still just thinking out loud, but its approaching my time for a new army.

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